Just let kids be kids

taking back childhood one playground at a time


What is an adventure playground?

An adventure playground is loose parts haven for kids. They consist of a collection of junk, tools, and other building supplies. While staff or playworkers keep an eye out for hazards, the space is designed for kids to take healthy risks, play with tools, and lead their own adventures. 



A short documentary on the power of play and adventure playgrounds


"Playwork is a practice and a profession that removes barriers to children's play.  It has a decades long history in Europe and a hearty library of fascinating theory. Playworkers make adventure play possible."  (The Land Website)

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We need Adventure Play now. 

There aren't enough places where kids can just be kids. Neighborhoods are shrinking, competitive sports are happening at younger and younger ages, and college prep starts in first grade. Kids need a chance to make mistakes, use their hands, and figure some stuff out themselves. That's why we added an Adventure Playground to camp and that's why we need more Adventure Playgrounds across the country. Let's give kids their childhood back!

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