Your gift gives kids a chance to create the person they want to be


Kids see plenty of messed up stuff

Summer camp is a place where more is possible. Where kids can be their best selves and live in the world that could exist if we treated people the way they want to be treated. Kids see plenty of yelling and arguing on the news, your gift gives kids a chance to see what is possible when we focus on connection and empathy instead of anger and hate. 

Why Summer Camp?


One Mom's Story

"The kid I picked up after that first week at camp was a different kid than the one I had dropped off.  My sensitive, sometimes-socially-anxious and insecure-but-feisty-and-fun, picky-eating son was confident, relaxed, and joyful after a week away trying new things and basking in such a child-centered culture. "

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Eli's Story

"What mattered to my campers was not what gender I was, what my body looked like, or who I was in an adult relationship with, but rather that I was always there to help them out, to talk to them, to play games with them, to remind them to change their underwear and brush their teeth, to read them stories and give them piggy-back rides, and to get them where they needed to go."

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Your Gift Changes Lives